Annex Enterprises Incorporated is a Canadian owned welding and pipefitting company with the head office in Medicine Hat, Alberta.  Annex Enterprises Inc. has been offering welding and pipefitting services to the oil and gas industry since its incorporation in 2004.  We have a fabrication shop located in Redcliff, AB and our head office is located in Medicine Hat, AB.

Annex Enterprises’ management team has more than 20 years combined experience with welding in the oil and gas industry.  The company is certified to service oil and gas projects in Alberta,Saskatchewan and Manitoba and has weld procedures registered in each of these provinces.  Please visit our Quality Management page to view our relevant certifications.

Annex Enterprises is a strong supporter of the Alberta Apprenticeship Program and is passionate about investing in each individual apprentice within the company to assist them in becoming certified journeyman welders and pipefitters.  We believe that when we train our apprentices to become certified journeymen, the implications extend beyond the job site to our society.  Management firmly believes that the time and energy we spend training our apprentices sets Annex Enterprises apart from its competition and gives us an edge with the ever-increasing depth of qualified and skilled personnel available for projects in the oil and gas industry.